Learn From the Pain

Pain never feels good. It doesn’t matter the origin; whether it’s biological, psychological, or spiritual, pain is pain. Often, distress becomes like an unwelcome companion in our daily walk. We become used to the hurt, the disappointment, the loneliness, the stress. It may seem like we exist only to FEEL waves of struggle.

2020 is a perfect example of what I’m speaking of. Lack, sickness, death, and uncertainty have wrapped around us like pythons, threatening to cut off any hope of relief.

Here is where we shift. Here is where we pivot our perspective. We’ve focused so much on what we don’t have, what we’ve endured, what we’ve lost; this perspective can only leave us drained. But if we can focus on the lesson of this season, our resolve will begin to re-emerge.

Our greatest lessons are often learned through painful experiences. We learn how strong we actually are through hardships. We learn our true character through overcoming obstacles. We learn who we can trust, and conversely, whom we need to steer clear of through trying times. But because these experiences are so distressing, we often find ourselves running from the pain, and hence, the lesson, only to run right back into the same issue again and again.

The secret is this….. Embrace the lesson, not the pain. Look for what the situation is trying to teach us. This process sounds difficult because it is. Learning a lesson through stress, trouble, or lack takes a strength of character that only comes from an inner decision to press forward and help from our Higher Power to discern what we need to know. Only when the lesson is learned will our souls be free.

I wish you peace and blessings as you learn during this season…


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