Letting Go and Letting Be….

I’m practicing “letting go” and “letting be”…
Let me explain…..

Aaron started walking with me a few weeks ago. Then the weather got colder, I took some time off from walking, and I didn’t ask Aaron to continue. Yes, he’s autistic, but he’s also 26 years old. I decided I wouldn’t pressure him about walking and the health benefits. I just prayed and kept moving forward.

This morning, Aaron approached me and told me he wanted to start walking with me again. My heart smiled so hard! I’m learning to stop trying to control the outcome and behaviors of those around me. My way isn’t always the best way, but His way and timing are perfect.

It can be hard to let a child go and mature into an adult, especially if that child has challenges, but as a family of Faith, we’re (mainly me🤦🏾‍♀️) getting better at seeing Aaron as the man he is, not the baby I fought for all these years….

Moo is part of my “letting be”… stay tuned!

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