Enjoy the “Small Moments”

This is us….

When you have a family member with ADHD, your life can be chaotic, conflicts can be commonplace, and your spirit feels drained at times. As a parent, you worry about your child’s future and prepare them as best as you can.

As a child with ADHD, life can be fun, frustrating and confusing. You WANT to do what’s expected of you, but your mind is LITERALLY all over the place. You’re smart, witty, and fun. But all of those traits can be overshadowed by undone tasks, arguments, and stress.

Team Pruden has experienced all of the above. So when we can experience intimate times like this, we embrace and enjoy them. I’m not being a “momager” and Moo is not feeling the pressure to finish yet another task. During times like this, we are laughing and enjoying one another.

I love capturing moments like this because of our struggles. This image will help bring me comfort and to remind me Moo is more than his ADHD…..

Peace and Blessings,


#boymom #adhdmom #teampruden #thisisus

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