Tuesday Convo With My Creator

Oftentimes, when we think of success or promotion, we think of the positive aspects of our lives that contributed to our elevation.

The truth (at least in my case) was made clear as I was praying the other morning. My Creator reminded me that trials, obstacles, and not so pleasant times can often be the springboard for increased faith, obedience and blessings.

Hard times can help us to become more empathic, thankful, and determined. Failure can teach us perseverance. Pain can remind us of His ultimate grace and mercy as we are delivered to better health.

We all experience rough times; that’s just life. But if we can learn to pivot our way of thinking to “What is this time trying to teach me?”, we can lean into Him and the lesson, not the circumstance.

Thank you Lord, for continuing to teach me and never giving up on this little girl from Hwy 11❤️😇

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