Moo Saved My Life!

Moo saved me this morning and didn’t even know it!

I usually walk to and from the local park as part of my daily wellness plan. Moo DRIVES to and from the park… I guess that’s part of his wellness plan too😂

Anyway, every morning before walking, I check my blood sugar and blood pressure levels and have learned (thanks to a hypoglycemic episode a couple of weeks ago) to tweak my walking according to my morning BS number. It was a little bit elevated this morning so I figured I could walk 5 miles and still be in a healthy range.

I was walking home and Moo drove up to a stop sign close to me. It was so cold, I couldn’t help but catch a ride home! I hadn’t walked the full 5 miles, but I was hoping my BS had dropped a little bit.

When I got home, I checked my BS and was amazed! It was 101, close to the number that triggered my episode the other week. I was so thankful I caught a ride home with Moo.

As usual, my wellness journey has its ups and downs. As I continue to lose weight and figure this medicine thing out, I have to remain mindful of my numbers and govern myself accordingly.

Thanks for the ride Moo!🚙❤️

A welcomed sight on a cold morning!❤️

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