Why do we struggle with rest?

By nature, by molding, I am a thinker. I analyze, postulate, and predict.

This way of life has worked for me professionally. I have been described as a high achiever, accomplished, driven, “smarty pants”, a general go-getter. I have enjoyed a long professional career in the mental health field and seen as an expert in autism and autism related areas.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave room for joy, for faith, for living in the moment. So, for years, my family, friends and colleagues saw me looking like the first couple of pics below: always thinking, planning, solving a problem.

In my early 40s, I started looking at my life and decided to make some changes. I KNEW I needed to rest more, enjoy life more, have more faith… but I couldn’t get off the “busy means productive” hamster wheel. After all, Aaron needs… Moo needs.. Paul needs… my clients need… so I HAVE TO KEEP MOVING, right? Is this beginning to sound familiar?

Life started lifing and I started struggling in all aspects of my life. Every time I would ask my Creator what’s going on or what I should do, I would always hear “Rest” or “Trust”. And I listened… kinda.

Then 2020 and COVID hit. Paul and I got COVID at the same time and Paul almost died. Then our beloved family members started passing. Then Paul and I have experienced physical issues… then and then…. You get the picture. And throughout all of this the message from My Creator NEVER changed: Rest and Trust.

So, I FINALLY slowed down and did my own reflective work. I “cocooned” myself, trusted my Creator and RESTED.

Now, I look more like the last couple of pictures. I laugh more, I rest more, and I trust more. It has definitely been a journey. I have learned so many lessons and I’m still learning. Life is not perfect, but it’s more enjoyable.

Join me next week as we tackle an IMPORTANT question: WHY DO WE STRUGGLE WITH REST?

During our intimate conversation, we will discuss:

✅ what is rest?
✅ what are the types of rest?
✅ what thoughts keep you from resting?
✅ what can I do to replace those thoughts?
✅ what is my plan for rest?

Intimate Conversations with KP™️ are never recorded; these conversations are indeed intimate and private. Click on the link below to register for FREE and receive your FREE workbook ⬇️


KP… always thinking never resting..
KP… always talking out a problem, but not resting…
KP… learning to laugh and enjoy life again❤️

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