Monday Affirmation with KP

This week’s affirmation invites us to examine our lives and determine which connections no longer serve us, if they ever did.

The next step involves an equally difficult task: disconnecting from those relationships. There are so many reasons people remain in dysfunctional relationships. It can seem impossible to undo what can be years of attachment.

But you don’t have to do it alone. Therapy can be useful in this instance:

✅ Therapy helps identify negative engagements;
✅ Therapy helps identify the “WHY” of dysfunctional behavior patterns;
✅ Therapy helps you CHOOSE YOU, through creation of positive thoughts, which lead to positive behaviors. Healthy boundaries are set and your life is more peaceful!❤️

And yes. I can help you with that❤️

Visit for resources. Sign up to become a VIP member for FREE!

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