Childhood Lessons

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Even at 4 years old, my gaze was pensive. I often wonder what messages I was telling myself at that time. You know, your personality is often molded between birth – 5 year old? Being raised by a Southern mother who was raised by a Southern mother, I internalized the following messages: ✳️ Do it right… the first time; ✳️ Appearances are important; ✳️ It is the mother’s duty to ensure the home/children are taken care of; it’s the fathers duty to provide the home; ✳️ Effective change is often made through soft words, not “hooping and hollering and carrying on” (my mom is the queen of “nice nasty”). My early years cemented my personality, both in a positive way and in ways I still struggle. I work hard, take care of my family, am fiercely loyal and make sure those around me are “good.” I struggle with a “be perfect “ driver, I often expect those around me to “hustle” as hard as I do, and I have a problem with total rest. What messages did you receive growing up and how did they affect your personality/behavior? Let me know in the comments below⬇️ #childhoodmemories #childhooddevelopment #personalitydevelopment #SouthernMoms #blackfamilies

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