Complete Rest


The past 6 weeks have been trying. Some days, I couldn’t lift my head off of my pillow; other days I couldn’t even pray for myself. But every time I asked My Creator what He wanted me to learn through these trials, I heard the same response: COMPLETE REST.

I have come to realize in these last few weeks that while I advocate for self care, I really didn’t know what true self care was. My “Type A”/“Be Perfect” drivers have kept me from engaging in true COMPLETE REST. I’m always analyzing, creating, reflecting…always doing!!

I asked my hubby, “I’m getting good at my this self care thing right?” He looked at me and calmly replied. “You’re always thinking. It’s amazing to see. You’re always planning, creating, whatever. Your mind never rests.”

So this morning when my patio called my name. I answered her; not with a notebook and highlighter, not with a bunch of ideas and intent to create for the next week or month; I answered with a cup of coffee and open ears so I can hear the birds sing and feel peace.

I have come to realize, at least for me, COMPLETE REST is COMPLETE TRUST in My Creator: His will, His timing, His promises.

Can I be honest? As I sit here writing this, I am resisting so much: planning, creating, figuring out what’s gonna happen next. Just now, a bird started chirping. I was reminded of a passage of scripture, Matthew 6:25-34. If that chirping bird ain’t worried, why should I be?

This part of my Journey should be interesting. Join me as I come to a place of COMPLETE REST……

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