Special Needs Parent Appreciation Month

August is Special Needs Parent Appreciation Month. I would like to take this opportunity to shout out my hubby Paul Pruden Jr for being a great special needs parent.

He’s not a perfect guy or a perfect parent. That’s not what this post is about.

Team Pruden has had to contend with 2 issues, autism and ADHD. Both issues are not easily accepted/discussed in the African American community. Add in the possible emotional stress that can come with being a male with sons experiencing struggles….. a family could be destroyed.

There are many struggles that come along with autism and ADHD. P has hung in there for all of it: IEP meetings, regressions, calls home, academic issues, social issues, meltdowns, trying one strategy after another, making mistakes, dusting ourselves off and starting again….

Anywho, our Journey has been long, but having a partner in the trenches with you makes the trials more bearable and the victories that much sweeter.

Thank you P, for being present, for loving our guys unconditionally, and being who the guys need in this world…❤️

Paul and Aaron
Paul and Bryant

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