Magnolias and Momentum

Walking in the rain is NO JOKE! However, I am determined to keep my momentum going. I am motivated by my recent weight loss and exercise regimen to keep pushing forward.

That doesn’t mean walking in a steady downpour is pleasant or something I even WANT TO DO. But you know what helped me this morning? My beloved magnolias! Their fragrance put a smile on my face and took the focus off of my aching joints and soaked through leggings. And thanks be to God, soon enough, I arrived home!

When we’re going through rough times in life, it’s so easy to focus on the problem. After all, the trial is causing us distress right? But if we can choose one positive aspect of our lives to focus on instead of our problem, we can keep moving, and before we know it, the trial is over. And then it’s on to the next thing…..

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