Restoration and Answered Prayers

Last week, I cleaned out the flower bed beside my side door. I felt so proud of myself because the bed looked like it could “breathe”…..until I looked and saw I had pulled off a caladium leaf. I was so sad! I waited soooooo long for my caladium to break ground and grow! I stood there for a few seconds, not sure what to do. Finally, I decided to say a prayer of restoration and moved on to my other beds. I was tempted to think about the destroyed plant, but I reminded myself that I prayed for it to be restored.

Yesterday, I walked past my flower bed and guess what I saw: a new caladium plant growing in the same spot! My heart was overjoyed! All I could whisper was, “Thank you.”

Y’all know me, so you know where this is going. Have you ever had a disappointment, a dream deferred, or something else devastating happen? Our tendency is to stay in our feelings of sadness, hopeless, and despair. But that is not what He wants for us. He wants us to pray, trust Him for restoration, and move forward in faith, knowing that He is working it all out for us.

Is this easy? Not always. But as I’m getting older and as He continues to keep promises and restore me, I don’t linger in “stinking thinking” as long as I used to.


I was so sad after I accidentally broke my caladium leaf!
But I felt much better after I saw a new leaf growing!

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