Celebrate Every Victory

Paul and I saw this building in downtown Norfolk, Va, this past weekend. I looked at him and asked, “Isn’t this Spaghetti Warehouse?” Paul smiled and replied, “Yes it is.”

Travel down memory lane with me 🕰….

Its the late 90s. My younger brother Dexter recently graduated from THE Elizabeth City State University and was working at Norfolk State University in his first commission. Paul, Aaron and I traveled to see him and take him out to dinner. We chose Spaghetti Warehouse because it was close to campus. None of us had ever eaten there before.

We were sitting in our booth, talking, waiting for our food to arrive. I believe I Can Fly by R Kelly was playing from an overhead speaker faintly.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, we heard it….a tiny voice singing along with R Kelly. Paul, Dex, and I looked around to see who was singing. To our amazement, Aaron was singing!

Why were we amazed? Aaron had lost his speech shortly after turning 1. We hadn’t heard his voice in almost 4 years. He had not been diagnosed with autism then. We didn’t care about diagnosis that night, we were just glad to hear Aaron’s voice.

From that day to this one, I believe I Can Fly has been on every play list I have ever had. I am so glad we saw this building. It was a reminder of answered prayers. It was a reminder of how far on this autism journey Team Pruden has come. It was a reminder of how blessed we truly are…

Ausome moms and dads, never let anyone make you feel ashamed for celebrating progress in your baby’s life, no matter how big or small. Never let anyone dull your happiness, your pride, your baby’s accomplishments. There will be times of struggle and times of victory- savor EVERY victory 💙💙

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