Ebb and Flow

Hey y’all!

Life is about ebb and flow. Some things we’re good at, other things…not so much. That pretty much sums up my life. Give me somebody to talk to, I can talk all day (insert my Ike Turner Voice). Taking meds, eating right and losing weight….STRUGGLE! I have struggled with this part of my life for over a decade. There have been tons of weight lost and gained. At this particular point in my life, I’m losing weight and eating better than I have in a good while. Meds continue to be a real struggle for me. But I’m not giving up. I know His plan is for me to prosper and be healthy. So I keep pressing forward.

I know what’s it’s like to fail…..and succeed……and fail again. It sucks. But that’s in that past and can’t be erased. I can only move forward. I know I will fail again. But I won’t wallow in my mistakes. I’ll learn and keep moving.


Peace and Blessings!


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