Find Your Village

For fellow autism parents with more than one child….

Most folks know the story, but for those that don’t…

My second son, Moo, is my faith baby. I was scared to death when I found out I was pregnant with him. I didn’t think I would be able to give him the attention he needed because Aaron needed so much due to his autism.

I remember standing on the porch of our apartment one night, in deep thought. I started praying and asking God to send me help to raise the baby growing inside me. I prayed for his health, intellect, and yes, I prayed that he would not have autism.

You know what God blessed me with?

An intelligent, witty, caring son with ADHD;

Kick ass work families that helped keep me sane throughout Moo’s life thus far:

When Moo was 3-7, I had my IFS fam: Nancy Stabler Burden, Kina Stanley, Stephanie Lyerly Deese, Earnika Howard Kimberly Faison, Natasha Holley, Charlene Earley, Robbie Ramsey, keshawn mccleod, Tracy Cooper Veronica Freeman-Rice

Between the ages of 10-12 and 15-present, my NuVizions family: Tameka, Jahaya, Val, Imelda Cherry, Tonya

And those middle school years, 12-14, which were especially trying… my POU Fam really held me down: Monica Gaynor-Edwards, Meika Gay Catherine A Roberts, Latasha Renea Green, Julie A Smith – I can remember Ms Shirley Taylor telling me one time after one of my Moo stores, “Just you wait and see, Moo will be fine.” You were right, Ms. Shirley!

Ausome parents, your help may not always come from family. A village will be required to help raise your children. Take who supports you and create your village!💙

And thank you to my work village. Y’all gave me bright spots on this journey ❤️💙

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