Self Care, Obedience, and KP

Moment of Transparency: I love Jesus, I really do. But I’m a type A personality, so I’m not always obedient. I thrive off of lists, sticky notes, goals and “push through.”

For the past few months, I have slowed down considerably. My slow down though, has been because of decreased desire. I THINK about doing things I normally enjoy or participate in, but the desire isn’t there. In my usual KP fashion, I asked My Creator, “Where is my WANT TO?” He gave me the answer below.

I almost felt shamed. The Big Guy upstairs had to take drastic measures for me to get somewhere and sit down. But deep down though, I am relieved. Sleep is awesome. Rest is my best friend. And every time I think about creating a curriculum, post or otherwise hustle activity, I hear clear as day, “Rest and watch me work.”

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m not trying to figure anything out. I’m not trying to create anything; I’m sleeping and RESTING. And it feels so good 😊

PS: I am doing a little bit of writing and it’s peaceful 🥰

Peace and Blessings,


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