“Wherever I Go, Aaron Goes”

My sons Bryant (driver) and Aaron.

My youngest son, Bryant, just got his driver’s license a few months ago. Without hesitation, my oldest son, Aaron jumps right on the passenger side and rides with Bryant wherever he goes. This warms for my heart for so many reasons.

My children (young men, I know) are both neurodiverse. Aaron has autism and Bryant has ADHD. These issues present challenges not experienced by neurotypical kids. As parents of kids with challenges, we often wonder, “What will happen to our children when we’re gone?”
Bryant has told me more than one time, “Wherever I go, Aaron goes.” And Aaron seems to trust him so…..

Fellow parents, all we can do is the best we can do. We can put plans in place, we can raise siblings to be loving, and trust God with the rest. Team Pruden is a family of Faith. That is what keeps us❤️😇

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