Winter Season and Marigolds

So I wanted to offer some encouragement to those of us in a “winter” period of our lives: plans, hopes, dreams, health – nothing seems to be going as planned. We may be feeling tired, hopeless, and unsure what to do next.

But you know what? We’ve been here before, just like these marigold seeds. And you know what they are teaching us? If we take our hopes, dreams, and desires and keep them close in hopeful expectation, just I’m collecting these seeds and keeping them in the house, in due time, we will see beauty from what seemingly looks dead, the hardship, from the hard work, from our faith.

I’m not talking from what somebody told me. I’m speaking from experience. Some days all you can do is say, “Lord I trust you,” and go through your day. But keep pressing and look forward to your “marigold” time. I know I am❤️

Peace and Blessings,


This is what my marigold seeds look like now….
This is what they can become 🌼

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