Autism, ADHD, and the African American Community

Oftentimes, in the African American community, we hear the words “Autism” and “ADHD” and immediately negative images come to mind.

As a mental health professional and the mom of 2 amazing sons, one of whom has autism and the other has ADHD, part of my life’s work is to show there are other facets of these issues that are not necessarily negative.

I want our community to know that yes, there are difficult days and experiences in dealing with issues related to these neurodiverse diagnoses. But as my images show, over time, there can be times of joy as well.

I have to be totally honest. There have been times when I wondered, “How would my sons’ lives be different if they were neurotypical?” “How would our family’s life have been different?” The truth is, I can’t imagine out lives any other way: ups, downs, struggles, victories- all of our life experiences have made us who we are, individually and as a family unit.

To parents new to the world of autism and/or ADHD, let me share a piece of wisdom I wish someone has imparted to me years ago: enjoy your children. Celebrate every victory, and love fiercely without apology.

Peace and Blessings,

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