My Wellness Journey – Progress Report

ain’t gone lie: I was a bit nervous today before my doc appointment. I have NOT been the most obedient when it comes to my wellness journey. The last 2 weeks have been quite the party 🎉. Nonetheless, I marched into my doctors office, took off my coat, shoes and almost took my bandana off to get my numbers checked.

The good news first: I have officially lost 44 lbs in a year. My A1C dropped over 3 whole points (a big deal in the diabetic world) to 7.1. My PCP decreased the dosage on one of my diabetic meds.

The not so good news: My BP was high. I HAVE to ramp up my med compliance and tweak my diet a bit…..and drink more water 🚰!

When I look back over the past year or so, I am proud of my progress. Yes, I’ve made mistakes but they don’t outweigh the victories. I know what I need to do; I just have to do it. If I can do this well half assing it, imagine how much progress I can make being at least 90% compliant 🤦🏾‍♀️😂!

So, my wellness journey continues. I am still a work in progress. Grace and Mercy are my companions, and I’m glad about it😇

Me, visibly nervous before my doctor’s appointment.
My A1C (the measure of blood sugar over time) dropped from 10.3 in August 2019 (10.3 is a high number; a good number is 7.0 and under), to 8.1 in October 2020, to 7.1 this month. My goal is to lower this number even further to 6.5 or less.
Me after my appointment: relieved, encouraged and grateful❤️

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