Dr. Who, Autism and Aaron

Paul tried to prepare me for my oldest son, Aaron’s, Christmas gift. The only clue he would give me is, “You guys have had a conversation about it.”

Christmas Day came. Every gift I received was beyond thoughtful; this was probably the best Christmas I have ever had. I saw Aaron looking Paul’s way. Then I saw Paul nod, almost imperceptibly. Aaron disappeared from the living room where we were gathered and returned shortly afterwards.

“Close your eyes Mom,” Aaron instructed me. I closed my eyes tightly and smiled brightly. Receiving gifts is one of my love languages. “You can open them now,” Aaron announced. I opened my eyes and my smile was joined by misty eyes.

As soon as I saw the gifts in his hand, my mind immediately recalled a conversation we had approximately 1 month earlier. Aaron asked me if I had ever watched “Doctor Who.” I shared with him my childhood memories of watching the “curly haired” Dr. Who and how much I loved his long scarf and floppy hat.

I hugged Aaron and whispered in his ear, “Thank you for remembering.” He replied, “You’re welcome Mom. I remember you looking so happy when you talked about your Dr. Who. I thought these gifts would make you happy.” His smile is imprinted on my heart forever.

I continue to be in awe of the little guy, who is now a man: the toddler who lost his speech, whom people discounted, mistreated and talked about. The little guy who struggled to find his voice again, make friends, and understand his world. Autism has been a tough opponent.

This same person is now an empathetic, loving, thoughtful, beautiful soul. Thank you Aaron, for making your mom’s heart smile once again. I love you….

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