Mom and Moo Have ADHD

The more Moo and I spend time together, the more I ask myself, “How did I NOT see the ADHD in myself all these years?

I remember my mom telling a story about me when I was in elementary school….”I came to school to see how you were doing. I didn’t want to disturb the class, so I stood at the door and peeked through the glass in the door. You were standing beside your desk, wiggling and doing your work. I opened the door and started towards your desk to get you to sit down, but your teacher stopped me. She told me, “As long as she is doing her work, don’t bother her.”

As I look back over my life, I see behaviors that check off all the checkboxes for ADHD:

✅ fidgety
✅ hard to engage in activities I am not interested in
✅ rabbit hole thinking
✅ intense interest participation
✅ easily distracted (unless it’s an intense interest;
✅ slow processing times (appearing not to be listening when being spoken to)
✅ on and on …..

I now realize I overcompensated for my struggles by being super organized. I have also been honest with those around me (especially my employers) about my strengths (clinically on point) and weaknesses (paperwork is my Kryptonite).

A few years ago, I was speaking with my PCP and she said, “You wanna try some adderral?” after one of my what I call “fast speaking monologues.” I agreed and it has been beneficial for me.

Now, Moo and I laugh at one another as we notice ADHD traits in one another. I share organizational tips and pray every day he develops healthy daily habits that foster success. I am learning our lives are not about being perfect, but happy, full of purpose and living in God’s will.

Team Pruden is neurodivergent and proud. We love each other and have made some mistakes along the way, but we support each other through our struggles… that’s village life ❤️

Moo and I enjoying this unseasonably warm weather..

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