Teaching Moo

We woke up late this morning, but I was determined to get a walk in, so that’s what we did….and Moo was walking slow, not even trying to keep up…so I look back and instruct him to keep up…and he told me that he thought I would slow down so that he could catch up….why did he say that??? lol..I went on to explain that this is the easy part, the walking that we do….I then went on to explain what is coming next – walking faster, walking with weights, interval training – all the things we did last summer to get ready for football…we talked about discipline, and asking God to help him make good food choices, and how great he will feel when he doesn’t have to get that “X” on his helmet at weigh in time in September. He said he understood and we continued to walk. He fell behind again, so I reached out my hand behind me, and he took it, and we finished our walk….I thought back to an episode of Oprah’s LifeClass with Lenny Kravitz….he talked about how his maternal grandfather would make him cut and stack wood, even though they were well off and could afford to have someone else do it…he wanted to teach Lenny the concept of success through “follow through” – completing each step until the goal is reached….Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not as bad as my pops, who often said, “IF you like me, I am not doing my job” lol…..But I do value the idea of my children learning the lessons I am teaching them rather than whether they like me or not….it is my sincere hope and prayer that Moo is learning the lessons I am trying to teach and that he is successful and happy using the gifts that God has blessed him with (we have had that conversation too lol)….only time will tell

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