Moo’s Wisdom

Just before we went walking this morning, Moo was informed that he was not going somewhere today that he wanted to go, so needless to say, he was very upset with me!! lol….so we walked in silence and I’m not gonna lie, I was ok with that….but Moo can’t be anyone else but Moo, so after about a 1/2 mile, he started talking to me!!! But that was cool, because he informed me that there is a new teen drug out there called “Smiles” that’s on it’s way to being a real problem ( he saw a segment on Anderson Cooper lol)….and we had a discussion on classification of drugs and what they do….Moo proudly proclaimed that the only drug he does is caffeine and he’s glad it’s legal ( what IS he watching on tv? lol) …So today’s walk with Moo clearly illustrates the concept that there is a time and place for everything….Moo “learned” me something today, so I guess this morning was a time for him to talk….but man, there are still some times he needs to be quiet lol

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