Walking in the Rain

I got up bright- eyed and bushy tailed this morning, ready to go walking, but it looked cloudy, so I went to the front door and opened it…and lo and behold, it’s raining. So I wait until it stops raining and then I wake Moo up and we go walking. While we were walking, I was struck with these thoughts: 1) When trials come, out first reaction is to run and hide from them, pray for them to go away…..2) But what He wants us to do is to walk through the trial, with the armor He has given us,  with faith and confidence, knowing that there is always an end to the trial…..3) So I encourage you as well as myself, to walk in the rain, wear whatever you need to protect yourself, knowing that it won’t always been rainy…the sun will shine again…and won’t we be more appreciative of the sunshine when we see it again?

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