Have you ever awakened from the best dream ever or the best inspirational word/feeling you received during the night, just ready to get moving on it? Well, that happened to me this morning, so I literally jumped out of bed and set about to go walking this morning….now on Friday afternoon, I spent some time on the phone with the Nike people, trying again to get my Nike plus app to work on my phone…finally the guy told me that he could see that I had an account, and I knew I had downloaded the app, but they weren’t connected….so I thanked him (he was really polite and tried to help me) and hung up…..but this morning, I decided to try it to see if it would work, so I turned the app on and got to walking…and a little while later, I checked the app to see if it was recording my route and I saw the message that my GPS signal was weak, but the app would estimate my distance at the end of the route….so that made me happy, because at least I could hopefully get some information…so I get to the end of my walk and the time had come….I tapped my screen to see if it would record my route…..AND IT DID!!!! I am so happy that I didn’t give up on the app….and these are the thoughts that came from this experience…1) For many years, my GPS was off…While I know God, love God, have experienced Him for myself, I had allowed other things to guide me, my activities, my worth…I had the app, but it wasn’t connected to the website lol…2) And because He loves me, he whispered to me to live life different, but of course I didn’t listen….3) So because He knows He has better things for me, but I had to truly know HIM, truly know what it is to love Him, depend on Him, be an effective witness, He has allowed me to experience trials and tribulations, taking away those people, places, and things that I THOUGHT were important…He took away the world’s GPS…….4) So that I could again use the only GPS that matters…Him…..5) And during this time, I treated Him like I did the Nike app and the one I used last summer…if it didn’t seem to be serving my purpose, I discard it and move on to the next….but that is not the lesson I needed to learn….6) I am just now truly getting that He is my source, He is my guide, He is my GPS……7) And unlike the other apps, He has never malfunctioned or had a weak signal…if anything, I left, I strayed, and I didn’t trust Him….So if you feel a little “off track” or that you have stopped using the “divine GPS”, just talk to Him about it, and He will get you back on track….and like the old hymn says, “Nobody told me, that the road would be easy, but I don’t believe He bought me this far, to leave me…..”

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