Wildflowers and Waiting

Have you ever been waiting on something/someone/some miracle? This summer has been a slow flower season for me…I was not able to do a lot of planting flowers and planted seeds instead….and I hate planting seeds!!! They just take too long to grow and you don’t always know what you are going to get….anywho, many of my gladiolas did not return this year, even though they are perennials, and that made me sad….however, since the last rains, I have had a few to suddenly blossom, so that made me smile some….this morning, when I returned from my walk, I walked around the house, looking at my flowerbeds to see if there was anything new to discover…..and there was!!! The wildflower seeds that I had planted maybe 2 months ago, and had been looking like weeds in my flowerpots, had suddenly produced blooms!!! And I had to laugh at myself, because during this season in my life, God is teaching me dependence on Him and patience, two things I have always been short on….just when I was almost ready to give up on my flowers and rip them out of the pots, He sent me a reminder to ALWAYS depend on Him and to ALWAYS have patience, especially when waiting…so, if you are waiting on something today, and you know it is a promise from God, no matter what it is, just keep the faith and keep waiting…..blessings usually come after the trial, just like blooms usually come after the rain…

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