Running After the Trashtruck

So, Team Pruden was up early this morning, going about our normal activities, when lo and behold, we heard the familiar “beep beep” of the “refuse collector” coming on our street! We had not put the trash out, so Aaron scrambled to get the trash out to the curb, while Moo was instructed to catch up to the truck and ask the men to come back and get our trash. So since we were getting ready to go walking anyway, I stood outside and waited for Moo to come back so we could walk together. These are the thoughts I had while waiting for Moo: 1) We often have dreams/goals/aspirations/desires that we want to achieve; 2) But achieving those goals often means going after them, like Moo did this morning after the trash truck; 3) And often, achieving those goals means accepting help from others, working together as a team to make sure you are successful; 4) So, if you have a dream, pray to God to help you achieve that dream if it is in His will, establish a “dream team” if you need to, and run after it!!!!

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