Raising Moo Is Hard

This morning when Moo and I went outside to walk, I announced that we were starting today with our weights. Moo became excited and in true Moo fashion, grabbed the biggest sets of weights and took off. I asked him if he wanted the smaller weights and explained that he may need to start off with the smaller pair and work his way up to the larger set so he doesn’t tire so easily this morning. Moo refused my offer and off he went. After about a quarter of a mile, Moo ran out of steam and began lagging behind. I looked back and frowned, because I knew this was gonna happen. But in the world of KP and Moo, Moo does what he wants to do, KP admonishes him, Moo does what he wants to do anyway, and the consequences ensue. So after a couple of episodes of me admonishing him and him trying to carry the weights like he is superman, I told him to stop so we could really talk. I explained that my wish for him would be for him to take my guidance and live accordingly, but what he wants to seem to do is to do his own thing regardless of the consequences. I explained that consequences have a way of affecting other people. Moo seems to learn things the hard way, and that is a hard thing for a parent to realize…and to parent. I told him that I was going to continue to push him, because I see the potential in him, both physically and athletically, and I loved him too much to see it all go to waste. Then I told him that there is nothing wrong with admitting that he bit off a bit more than he could chew this morning, and did he want me to take his weights. He said yes and we traded weights and continued our walk. I thought about how God is like that with us – He gives us life instructions, and he wants us to live accordingly. But often, we go our own way, doing our own things. Then the consequences come and we are scared, tired, afraid, etc. But He wants us to do what I did with Moo this morning, take our weights and give them to Him, so we can keep running the race called life. Moo is hard to raise, but I guess in God’s eyes, we are too…… 


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