Stop Running and Find Some Shade

Last week, Moo and I were walking and he was doing very well. As a matter of fact, he was walking ahead of me at a steady pace. It was very hot that morning, and we were sweating profusely. But when we got to the back street of our little neighborhood, there were rows of trees lining the yards. So I told Moo that he could stand under one of the trees and rest a while. When I caught up to him, he smiled and thanked me for letting him rest a while. He took off again, walking at a steady pace, energized by the short rest he had. These are the thoughts that I had while watching him walking away from me:1) God is like the shade tree – He is waiting there for us to just come and stand there and rest during hard times…. 2) If you are like me though, often we will run past the shade trees, looking for a solution, a way that we can fix things ourselves……3) But God never moves, never changes – He just waits, until we are tired, and then He welcomes us to the shade of His peace…4) I know when He looks down on me, He laughs. I must look like a chicken running around with my head cut off – I run to His shade, then I run away from it, trying to make my own peace, then I repeat the process….5) So, if you are a running chicken, like me, make a decision today to stop running and find some shade….

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