Crabs and Pearls

I will readily admit that I did not want to get up and walk this morning. I lie in bed for a while, thinking of all the reasons why I shouldn’t go walking this morning, satisfied with my one – woman pity party…and having a great time lol…Well, I decided to go ahead and get up, because it would be time to work before I knew it. Surprisingly, Moo was up when I called to him and he dressed quickly. To my surprise and delight, he walked very well this morning, walking ahead of me, keeping his pace and moving his arms like I had instructed. After a while, he slowed down. When I caught up to him, he said that he thought he had a cramp in his foot. I asked him, “How do you get a cramp out of your foot?” He replied that he didn’t know, so I advised him to keep walking. And in true Moo fashion, he started talking, making small talk (that’s what he said lol). I learned how pearls are made and that crabs and lobsters have teeth in their stomach. Just think, if I hadn’t gotten up this morning and went walking, I wouldn’t have been able to see Moo actually follow directions I had given him or learned about pearls and crabs…..Sometimes you gotta push yourself forward, through the muck and storms of life. And when you do, you will learn things that you never would have learned had you not pushed through.

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