“Mama you were right.”

Our youngest son, Bryant, nicknamed “Moo”, came home for a quick visit the other day. He surprised me at work, which was a welcomed surprise. We sat and chatted for a while about the usual: school and finances. Moo has been handling his own money this semester…. Insert a scared mama face 😬.

Look who surprised his mama! ❤️

Moo handling his own finances and budget was NOT his father, Paul, and my plan. We had a discussion with him about what we thought was the best path moving forward regarding his money. He firmly rejected our plan and instead elected to “do it my way.” We agreed reluctantly. Paul was firm when he told Moo, “Ok son, it’s all on you. We’re trying to keep you from making mistakes that could hurt you in the long run.”

The planner and “family manager” in me was initially very anxious. But one day soon after our talk, I was walking and praying about Moo. I prayed that he would be a good steward of every gift and resource he’s been blessed with. I heard clear as day, “Don’t worry. I’m working on Moo. Step back and let me work.”

So that’s what I did. I must be honest and tell you… it was hard. I wanted to call and FaceTime Moo throughout the day and ask him how he was doing, how was the budgeting working out. But every time I thought about hitting his name on my phone, I heard the same message in my spirit.

While we were chatting the other day, Moo said the words parents wait years to hear, “Mama, you were right. All those years you were drilling in my head to work hard on the front end so I don’t have to work hard on the back end, all the times you told me to develop good study habits, and all the lessons y’all tried to teach me about money….. I get it now. I can’t just buy a video game any time I want to. I used to say to myself, I’ll get this or that and I’ll just get more money later. Those days are gone. I really have to keep track of money.”

While my spirit was smiling on the inside, as a parent I knew that while he has experienced an epiphany of sorts, Moo is gonna make mistakes. But as Moo told me a few years ago, “Ma, I won’t learn unless I make mistakes.” So Paul and I are releasing him little bit by little bit, but always keeping Moo draped in prayer and wise counsel.

A younger Moo. This is who my heart sees every time I look at him.

I must admit, Moo was given a lot in a short period of time: driver’s license, a car, an apartment and a full college caseload. He’s made a few missteps, but he’s also rebounding. We’re proud of you Moo. Keep pressing forward.

Keep Team Pruden in prayer and we’ll do the same.

Peace and Blessings,


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