My “Why” for Autism Advocacy

My “Why” for autism advocacy….

In the first pic, I was a young mother of a six month old. My son Aaron had just been dedicated in church that day. We were so excited for him. Then a few months later, not long after his first birthday, Aaron’s speech DISAPPEARED. That began our journey on the autism spectrum.

Aaron and I after his dedication, 1995.

Aaron is now 26, happy and thriving. But I do remember the hard days and nights. I remember the uncertainty and fear. I also remember our determination as parents to make sure Aaron had his definition of a meaningful day.

Aaron at the Field Museum in Chicago.

The passion I had for Aaron is the SAME passion I have for my autistic clients and their families. Armed with my passion, knowledge, and therapeutic acumen, I have been able to successfully advocate for my clients in the public school system for over 20 years.

Visit to find out more information about my autism advocacy services 💙

I am an autism parent.

I am an autism advocate.

I am here for you and your family.






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