Autism Awareness Month

Good morning! April is Autism Awareness Month. My name is Keischa Pruden, but most folks call me KP. I am the proud mother of an ausome son, a psychotherapist and an autism advocate.

Join me this month as I share information about autism, special education and other related topics. Autism advocacy is my passion, especially for those parents, mental health professionals and educators new to autism. You DO NOT have to walk this journey alone. I am here with you💙

Stay up to date with all the free support, information and inspiration by doing the following:

💙 follow @pcconceptspllc on IG;
💙 tag a parent you feel would benefit from learning more about autism and special education;
💙Follow Pruden Counseling Concepts on fb;
💙 visit to see more about my advocacy services.

Bring an open heart, mind, and your notebook. I will be sharing lots of useful FREE information you can use to help autistic children have their definition of a meaningful day 💙💗

I look forward to learning, sharing and growing together…

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