PS5, Autism, and Teamwork

Most young folks love video games. But being isolated or less social because of COVID 19 has intensified the love and desire to play them. Aaron is no different. When he was laid off earlier this year, we were concerned as a family he would be isolated and as a result, experience emotional issues.

The opposite happened. He threw himself into learning more about video game history than he knew previously. He has also kept himself busy helping out around the house and caring for out dog, Kane. All the while, playing video games has been a constant in his life. His favorite gaming console is his Nintendo Switch. He absolutely loves playing Animal Crossing on it. This game helps teach independent skills while having fun “building an island.” We have enjoyed watching him “build a house” and decorate it.

Aaron playing a game on his Nintendo Switch….

The PS5 buzz hit out household early. Aaron began reading about release dates, eagerly preparing for the opportunity to purchase the new gaming system. Then the time came. Aaron tried time and time again to purchase a PS5, only to be beaten out by ‘bots. If anyone in the family heard about a website that may have some consoles available for purchase, we would alert Aaron. Each time he wasn’t able to secure a console, we would check on him to get make sure he was okay. He would always assure us he was fine.

This morning, Aaron and Moo ventured out before the sun came up to attempt to purchase a PS5. Once again, Aaron was unsuccessful. I could see the disappointment on his face. My heart broke for him. I know this may not seem like a big deal to many people. I know there are a lot of awful things happening in the world right now. So why does this game mean so much to Aaron, to us?

Moo drove Aaron to our local Walmart this morning to try to purchase a PS5. Good looking out Moo!

For those with autism, there are often subjects they love to engage in, talk about, live and breathe. Autists can often tell you EVERYTHING related to a particular subject they are passionate about…and I do mean everything. For Aaron, his love/interest is video games/consoles. Watching his face light up when he talks about the history of video games or some fact I feel is random makes me smile. Video games are his safe place, a place of fun, acceptance and peace.

So Team Pruden will continue to work towards helping Aaron secure a PS5. We will always work together to help Aaron find his place of peace…..

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