Today was not the best morning at Team Pruden Headquarters, it seemed more like Team Slack was in full effect lol….so I was eager to get out and walk this morning, because I knew that would make me feel better.  I turn on my tunes and look at my play list. I choose USDA’s Corprorate Thuggin and take off (don’t judge me, that’s the mood I was in lol). So after listening to that a couple of times, I chose Killa Mike’s Aint Never Scared ( there seems to be a theme, huh? lol) and listened to that a couple of times. Then I noticed that I was breathing through my mouth, and I had read somewhere that this is not good when you’re trying to walk/jog, so I started breathing through my nose. Then I started smelling my neighborhood: the crisp smell of fall, the leaves in everyone’s yards (i’m glad I don’t have trees), the smell of a wood heater (the best heat on Earth!), and fabric softener (somebody is washing some clothes before going to work lol). I looked at my playlist again, and this time I chose Gregory Porter’s But Beautiful and I immediately began to smile (thanks again for turning me on to him Bee N’Raleigh and Wrenchel TheBroker Stokes). I walked with that smile plastered on my face all the way home, feeling better and ready to tackle the day. These are the thoughts I came away with: 1) When things go wrong, our first reaction is to be mad, upset, sad, frustrated, etc. And that is reflected in our actions; 2) But if we take the time to breathe, and think, instead of behave on the emotions at the moment, we can see the better side of things; 3) And many times, He will send an encouraging word, scripture, or a beautiful song through fam, friends, and loved ones to get you through your troubles. And before you know it, you will be smiling and looking forward to what tomorrow brings. Happy Friday everybody!!

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