Follow His Promptings

Another fact people may not know about me: I am habitual, I love a schedule and a plan. This morning my plan was to get the boys off to school and then walk. But aaron missed his bus, so off we went to HCHS. Needless to say, I was miffed and we “discussed” being responsible all the way to Ahoskie. On the way back home, I decided that I would still go walking even with my time constraint. I back up in the garage and prepare to go inside to get my gloves and scarf and I had the strongest urge not to go in the house. It was like I knew if I went inside I would not come back out and walk. So I followed the prompting and went walking sans gloves and scarf. These are the thoughts I had while walking: 1) sometimes God gives subtle and not so subtle hints that a relationship, situation job, etc is at an end, 2) It is best to heed the hint and move on, 3) But when u move on, don’t look/go back, because that will only hinder His plan for your life, and is going back really worth that? 4) I can attest that you will never regret moving when He says move, but you will regret trying to revive what is dead, 5) and because I listened to the promptings of the Holy Spirit this am, my fingers didn’t freeze off and my neck is not stiff lol….happy Friday everybody!!!

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