Life’s Journey

So because I am working on being more obedient, when I heard last night, “Go walking”, I knew I was supposed to go walking this morning. I woke up, stretched, got dressed and went walking. And I am walking along and thinking about my life (as I often do) and I begin to thank God for so many things, not that my life is perfect or ever has been. But I recogni…ze that things could be a lot worse. I come across a tree, blazing with the glory of its orange leaves, and the thought comes that one should not be afraid of change, because sometimes your true beauty shows in the change. And then Lord, the cramp came!!! But because I had previous experience with cramps, I knew not to focus on it and keep moving, because eventually it would go away (and it did). I enjoyed my newly found old school song (The Jackson 5 – Show you the way) and laughed because Moo knows the words. As I came to the end of my walk, I started to become concerned, because I usually hear something from Him that I can use for that day. And then I laugh at myself (if you can’t laugh at yourself, life can be loooonnnngg lol), because I received it, my rhema word for today: 1) Life’s journey is life my walk today; 2) It is best to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and to be obedient, 2) Each day should start with you preparing yourself daily for what is ahead, through meditation, prayer, worship; 3) Always be grateful to Him for your life, no matter what is going on, because it could be a million times worse; 4) Be open to change, and allow God to facilitate that change, so that it is complete, and know that when HE is finished, your beauty will shine through; 5) Early preparation will prepare you for trials, so that when they come, you will know to keep going, because trouble doesn’t last always, God will see you through; 6) The biggest Rhema word I have for myself and for you is this: If you focus on the trial, the journey will always seem hard and long, but if you take the time to focus on God, focus on the beauty around you, and enjoy the good times that come, you will come to the end of the journey sooner than you expected……I would like to shout out the  veterans again for their service – you guys have sacrificed your safety, your lives, your time with your families, and sometimes your peace of mind – know that we love you and acknowledge your hard work….

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