Staying in the Sling

After Moo’s doctor’s appointment last week, the doc gave him a new contraption to wear that would help keep his collarbone stay in place and heal properly. The new contraption seemed to be a good idea, because he no longer had to put his arm in a sling, so he had a bit more freedom. I thought that Moo was ready to have that freedom, but then I found that he had to be constantly reminded not to use his left arm. It turned out that he still needed the sling after all, to remind him that he still needed time to heal. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a situation with no ending in sight, and we wonder why. We beg for God to deliver us from the situation, and the stress of it can be almost unbearable. However, God knows that it is necessary that we continue to endure, continue to go through that trial, because He knows that if he delivers us too early, we will not have learned what he wanted us to learn, and we will fall back into the same mess that got us in trouble in the first place…..

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