Pursue God

So after quite a hiatus, I set out to walk this morning, anxious to hear from God….it’s not that I don’t hear from Him at other times, it just seems that these walks/jogs/workouts seem to be the best time for me to be open to hear from Him….and my roller coaster life has been yearning for those times…so anyway, I start walking and because I am my worst critic, I begin to think that I won’t hear from Him today, because I had not taken the time to spend with Him of late…and then, as is His custom, I heard clear as day, “Pursue Me”. And as I kept walking, I tried to have other thoughts, but “Pursue Me” is what I kept hearing, so I walked, and listened. And this is what I received this morning: 1) 2009 was the true beginning of my “Rebel Yell” ride in life (who remembers that ride? lol), the beginning of God showing me that I truly have NO control of what is His will to happen; 2) I had broken one of the most important of the 10 commandments – thou shall have no other God before me – I had made myself/my abilities/what I could see or control my God; 3) The ups and downs of my life since then have been necessary, so that I can be more effective for Him; 4) No matter what happens in my life, I am to pursue Him as if my life depended on it; 5) So let’s decide today, to pursue God, more than we pursue that bigger house or luxury car, more than the approval of others, more than “hot” purse or boots – and trust that in our pursuit of Him, everything else will be added (Matthew 6:33)….

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