Listen and Obey

I bundled up and headed outside this am, determined to get back in the habit of walking regularly. And as usual my mind starts to race, so like a wild horse, I have to corral my thoughts back in and focus, focus on God, focus on only positive things. I begin to pray and ask for forgiveness, because KP’s mind and mouth are like that wild horse I just referred to, wild and in need of control. I prayed to God that he would forgive me for the times I hear and don’t listen, for the times I listen and don’t obey. And while we continued our conversation this morning (boy did He have some words for me today lol), that part of my prayer resonated with me the rest of the walk. How many times have we done what I just mentioned: we hear God speak, but we don’t listen to what he is saying? We feel the promptings of the Holy Spirit, we hear the words spoken by others, we read it in the Bible, but we don’t allow it to rest in our souls and spirits and become a part of our lives. And how many times do we actually listen to what He says, knows it’s Him saying it, and know what we are supposed to do, yet refuse to do it? Then, we question why things are as they are in our lives.  I know that being alive today means that he is giving me an opportunity to listen and obey, so that is what I am determined to do today, and I encourage you to do the same, if you are like me and can be stubborn sometimes lol

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