Living in The Present

You guys know the routine -I woke up and heard “Go Walking” so that’s what I playlist wasn’t angry today, it was more peaceful, mostly Robert Glasper and Greg Porter (Thanks Bee N’Raleigh and Wrenchel TheBroker Stokes), because I was feeling more peaceful and expectant. For some reason, I knew that I was going to get a special message. I was walking, and thinking, and planning…and then I… saw them – children playing in their driveway. And as I passed them, my first thought was, “I hope neither one of them hits that BMW!” Then my next thought was, “Wow, look at them, they look so free, like they are having so much fun.” Then it hit me – the message that is. They are having fun and they are free, because they are living in the moment. They were not debriefing past events or preparing for future events, they are enjoying their scooters and bikes and even this cold air.
Then I thought about myself. And while I have had fun in my life, I have spent a majority of it (mostly my adult life lol) debriefing and planning for myself/others in both my personal  professional lives. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that debriefing and planning have their place. But at this time in my life, I am beginning to see that too much time doing all of that leaves little time to enjoy the present.
I walked further and saw the cutest puppy, sniffing the ground looking for his “special spot’. And the point was driven home again. He was not thinking about past spots or the spot he would look for tomorrow, he was focused on finding one at that present moment.
So today, my goal is to live in the present, enjoy the good times, and be thankful…..enjoy your Saturday everyone!!!

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