The Lady and the Dog

It was so cold this morning, I had to put on a toboggan!!!! As usual, I awakened with an urge to go walking, so off I went. I forgot to charge my phone, so I prayed that my nike app and amazon mp3 apps would not drain all the power that was left on my phone. Anyway, I started on my way and wondered what it was that God wanted to show me. I say that because usually when I awaken with a strong urge like I did this am, it is because He wants to speak to my spirit and must realize that I am open to His promptings (I am not always so open to Him, I know He shakes His head at me that He has to “catch” me with a right mind lol). I wondered if He would holla early in my walk or later towards the end – He doesn’t have a set pattern on when He speaks. I turn the corner off of my street and BAM, there it was. I saw a lady, small in stature, walking her dog, who was quite large in stature. Walking her dog would be a loose term, because he was really walking her. She struggled to retain control of the dog as he went from spot to spot, searching for the “right” one. She would pull on his leash to attempt control, but he just ended up pulling her from spot to spot. Our eyes met and she smiled a weary smile and we went about our day. These are the thoughts I had: 1) The dog can represent life and we are just like that lady; 2) Life can oftentimes pull you along; circumstances can cause you to have anxiety and fear, so you try with all of your might to control things, but really in the end, life controls you; 3) So life beats you up a bit and you can either continue to try to control life, like the lady was trying to control the dog; 4) Or you can give your life to God, let Him take the leash, and watch life calm down a bit. If life doesn’t calm down, you will, because you know God is finally in control. I encourage everybody (myself included) to not give up, do not live a mediocre life, listen to God, live His plan for you life……give the leash to Him!!!!!

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