Getting Unstuck

I woke up early this morning and heard, “Go walking, I need to talk to you about forgiveness.” Later, as I was walking, I was wondering when He would speak to me on this topic, because I had already heard from Him on other things. And then I heard it, “Forgiveness has been such a long journey for you because you wont give yourself completely to Me and you don’t love yourself.” You should’ve seen my face!!! Yes, by myself, walking in my neighborhood, I gave God the duck lips!! I said out loud, “Oh, I love myself Lord, what are you talking about?” I thought he would say, “My bad, wrong person!”, but he didn’t, He kept speaking to my spirit. “You say you love yourself, but you don’t take care of yourself. You love Me, but you don’t completely trust Me.” I could do nothing but agree. For almost 2 decades, I have encouraged others to care for themselves, but I have failed to do so for myself consistently. So I decided that today I would walk at least 2 miles. I mean, there is nothing that should keep me from doing that today, right? So I did. Today’s thoughts: 1) Obedience doesn’t always immediately bring a smile to your face, but whatever He speaks to you about, you can best believe that it needs to be dealt with; 2) If you feel stuck in a particular area in your life, ask God to reveal the reasons behind your feelings. He will not only reveal the reasons, but He will give the strength to move past feeling stuck and into emotional freedom. Here’s to getting unstuck and living the life He has for us!!!!

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