Walking in the Rain

A lot happened to me while I was walking this morning! When I walked out of my garage, I decided that I wanted to listen to the song “Happy” but I couldn’t get it to play, so I continued on my way. I started walking, and I felt a strong, but quiet breeze. That made me think of my grandmother, who recently passed. She wasn’t a hell raiser in the traditional sense, she raised hell and was strong in a quiet way, just like the breeze. And that made me smile and energized me for my walk. I felt drops of rain and I prayed for the rain to stop. And it stopped. It continued to rain on and off during my walk. I decided that I would stop praying for the rain to stop, that maybe God wanted to me walk in the rain. Maybe there was a lesson in the rain that He wanted to me learn. I kept walking in the rain, determined to walk the 2 miles I had decided to walk today. I felt very victorious as I finished my walk, even though I was soaking wet. I actually enjoyed the rain falling on my face and the coolness of it. These are the thoughts I had: 1) When trials come, our first instinct is to pray for God to remove it, because who wants to actually experience negative things? 2) Sometimes He removes the trial  and sometimes He doesn’t; 3) When He doesn’t remove the trial, it’s because He wants you to learn something important that must be learned in order for His will to be manifested in your life; 4) This may sound strange, but it is possible to learn during a trial and at some points during that troubling time, have bright spots of joy; 5) I learned today that there is nothing stopping me from living God’s will for my life, other than me.

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