Your Passion

I was walking this morning and I was listening to an old favorite song of mine that I recently rediscovered, “Sooner or Later” by NERD. I walked my first lap, doing the interval thing, and was already sweating. But on the second lap, as I left my street and turned onto another one, I really started listening to the music. There is a passionate guitar riff at the end. And for the first time since I rediscovered the song, I could hear the passion in that riff. I could hear that the guitarist LOVES to play, that is his calling, his passion. And that got me to thinking about us. What do you love to do? What makes your heart smile, your soul sing, what gives you the most peace? Usually, the answer will be tied to your spiritual gift. However, many of us (I am including myself) allow all types of fears and reasons to keep us from following our passions and being peaceful. So, I decided that if that guitarist could play with so much passion, there is nothing to stop me from actually jogging today. So I took off, not real fast, but fast for me (lol). I kept listening to the song as fuel to keep going. I encourage everybody today, including myself, find your passion, find the fuel that will help you pursue it, and follow God as he leads you into your destiny.

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