I felt really antsy this morning, and at first I couldn’t put my finger on why I was feeling restless. Then it hit me: I need to go walking this morning! So after I got Moo on the bus, I took off to walk. I was determined not to be begging this morning during my walk, as is my custom, but instead to just enjoy His presence and nature. And there was so much to enjoy: birds flying and singing, the air was chilly, but not too cold to enjoy, the daffodils in my neighbors yards, etc. My mind started to wander. I thought about how Moo will be turning 11 this year. My mind then started to act like a view master (I’m showing my age lol) – pics of moo throughout his life flashed in my mind and I started smiling. We beef a lot, but he has also brought me some of the funniest moments in my life. Then I started thinking about Paul and my 20th wedding anniversary which is coming up, and the view master rebooted: more memories that made me smile. I shared this with you this morning because good memories are powerful. They can put a smile on your face and uplift your spirit. As you continue along your journey of renewal, never hesitate to recall good times; they can be the fuel to keep you going on a particularly rough day.

And if you don’t have any good memories you can think of, then daydream. Dream about what you want to happen, speak to Him in your spirit and share your hopes and dreams; He is listening. I daydream. I daydream about Aaron and what His future holds. I whisper to God in my spirit, and I know He hears me, because some of the things I dreamed about have come true for Aaron. Keep dreaming and keep remembering…..

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