Moo and I were very hype this morning. We just knew that since football practice had started and we were still walking, that he would have lost a gazillion pounds and all would be well in the world. We both came inside and did a weigh in. Usually in the past, we would be like the Slim Quick Commercial – the woman works hard and loses no weight, the man does nothing and looks like a crack head. Only this time, the reverse was true, Moo lost no weight and I had lost weight, even though he had worked harder than me. What do you do when your best laid plans do not produce what you expected? What do you do when a catastrophe hits you out of nowhere? Pray, take some time to make sure you are hearing from God, regroup, and keep it moving. So that is what Team Pruden will do….I sometimes joke that I am going to get a tee shirt made that says “Feelings are for Suckas”. I don’t believe in dwelling too long in feelings because the outcome is usually negative. So, this morning, I encouraged Moo to feel his feelings of disappointment, but don’t get dragged down by them and that with God’s help, we would figure out the next step. Sometimes you have to push through the yucky feelings to keep going in life….how can you regroup if you are stuck in the yuck of negative emotions? One thing is certain, Team Pruden will keep praying, keep it moving, and keep regrouping, as we have always done…

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