Mixed Messages

So, Moo and I are walking and talking, about football and every other random fact that he wanted to share with me this morning. He began to share with me his decision to try to stay with his age group and play football with them, as opposed to moving up to the next age range. I asked him what process he went through in making that decision and he shared that he liked playing with them and he felt like he would do well with his peers. Then I asked him the question that everybody dreads me asking them, “Did you pray about it?” Moo admitted that he hadn’t. I explained to Moo that it is important to pray before you make any kind of decision to make sure you are making the right decision. I explained to Moo that our goal is to do what God would have us do, as opposed to what we think is best. We discussed the pros and cons of playing with his peers as opposed to moving up. I then encouraged him to pray for guidance and also pray that when God gives you the answer, that Moo will know it’s God and act accordingly. And as always, we would support his decision. We walked and Moo talked some more and then he said what I thought was the weirdest thing, “Ma, I would never wear my Dolphin hat with my Steelers shirt, because I don’t want people to think I’m a Dolphins fan, I love the Steelers.” I laughed at Moo and we kept walking. These are the thoughts that came to mind after our walk this morning; 1) Praying to God is essential in making all of our choices, but it is also important to pray to discern His voice from our own thoughts and desires so that we can do His will for our lives and not feel like we are receiving mixed messages; 2) How do people know we are Christians? Is it because we wear a Christian hat and a Christian shirt? Or are we sending mixed messages, wearing a Christian hat and a hell-raising shirt? 3) It is ok to do some reflection, decide if your clothes (actions) match, and if they don’t, make the changes necessary to be more “Fashion” (Christian) conscious so that your witness is more effective. I can only speak for me, but I have to make up my mind and throw out my hell-raiser clothes, once and for all…and as usual, I’m working on it!!! lol

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