I love my nike app!! We had a rocky start, but once it was operational on my phone, we have been best friends ever since. There is one aspect of the app that I really appreciate, and that is the Pause button. I have gotten in the habit of hitting the pause button when I take a short break on my walks so I can get a more accurate account for that days workout. Anyway, today, as on many days, I hit the Pause button for a short break. After the break, me and moo continued on. A little later, I looked at my phone to see my progress and realized that I had not hit the pause button to resume my  app!! So I walked a bit further to see if maybe the app would recalibrate itself, but it didn’t. At the end of our walk, I remembered that the app had a recalibration setting that I could use, so that’s what I did so I could have an accurate reading for our walk today. These are the thoughts that came to mind: 1)There are times in life where things just get to be too much, too heavy, so we take a break…2) And the break feels so good – no headaches, no worries, at least for a little while…3) If we are not careful, we may be tempted to stay “on break” and not resume life, resulting in a stagnation that can be hard to recover from….4) Be encouraged today to take a break, but also remember to take resume your life and take your hand off the pause button…4) God is the master calibrator, He can help you get things back on track, and you will back in the race of life, stronger than you were before…..

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